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Ermeni Halk Dansları atölye

ShakehMajorTchilingirian KadirHasUniversity

Ermeni Halk Dansları atölye çalışması Shakeh Major Tchilingirian eğitmenliğinde 20 Nisan'da Sahne Khas'ta yapıldı.

Armenian Folk Dance Workshop by Shakeh Major Tchilingirian, Theatre Department, Faculty of Art and Design, Kadir Has University, Istanbul.

Newsletter Khas, 1-30 Nisan (April) 2015, p. 7.


KadirHas ShakehMajorTchilingirian_Armenian_Dance


Workshops with Senior Citizens

Monthly Armenian Dance Workshops at the Senior Citizens Club

Armenian Voice, CAIA Autumn 2015, No. 66.


CAIA Shakeh Tchilingirian 2015-1


Since April 2015, thanks to a small public health grant by Hounslow Council CAIA has been able to organise monthly Armenian dance/movement workshops at the Senior Citizens Club. The workshops have been delivered by acclaimed solo dance artist and choreographer Shakeh Major-Tchilingirian whom film-maker Atom Egoyan has described as “mesmerising". The purpose of the Armenian dance sessions is to reduce feelings of cultural isolation in an enjoyable physical activity which we hope also will improve their emotional well-being generally. The workshops are aimed at those aged 60+ and Carers last approximately 45 minutes and so far have been very enjoyable and rewarding. Visit CAM'S website for workshop dates.


«دایرۀ زندگی»

circle-of-life 3_SOAS_Shakeh_Tchilingirian


 «دایرۀ زندگی» 
یادبود نسل‌کشی ارامنه و جنایت‌های دیگر در هر سوی دنیا (پیوند سماواتی


 ۱۳۹۳  اسفند ۲۷ - Kayhan London 



'The Circle of Life' dance ceremony


Armenian Genocide commemorated at SOAS 


London Student, 13 March 2015 by Colin Cortbus 

Armenian, Kurdish, Greek, Assyrian And Turkish students stood together in an candlelit vigil on Wednesday to commemorate victims of the massacres.

Holding candles in solemn silence, students and activists formed a “circle of life” to mark 100th anniversary of the Armenian & Assyrian Genocide. Later they joined hands to perform a series of traditional, and at times emotional Armenian dances.

Those present wore butterfly shaped badges that bore names of over 50 peoples subjected to genocide in the past century in a remarkably inclusive and open ceremony. Genocides also commemorated included the Holodomor genocide in Ukraine, the Holocaust, and the Rwandan Genocide.

Artist Shakeh Major Tchilingirian told attendees “As we join hands and take steps together, we not only remember the victims but, more significantly, we affirm the dignity and value of lost human lives… With our presence here tonight, we show our determination and collective strength to stand up against injustice and inhuman treatment of fellow human beings”.