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Departure into the “Unknown"

Departure into the “Unknown": a personal reflection


Shakeh Major Tchilingirian


Balance. Zeitschrift des Fachverbandes Meditation des Tanzes – Sacred Dance e.V.  NR 2, 2022

Living through the ‘unknown’ is the realisation that one could lose so much because we do not have control over things or events in our lives. The unknown is the change we might not be ready for; it might be the unexpected; it could cause worry or anxiety. Yet, the unknown is part of the cycle of life, like the moon in the sacred dance circle. The constant is the moon, the sacred circle, it encircles the known and the unknown and turns it into a sacred force of harmony, attuning and connection.


Etchmiadzin Dance

Etchmiadzin Dance: "The Sun hiding in the very folds of the skirt"

Shakeh Major Tchilingirian


Grapevine, June 2021


The word and name “Etchmiadzin” for Armenians evokes a number of significant national and religious references. The Holy See of Etchmiadzin is the ecclesiastical centre of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the equivalent of The Vatican for the Armenians, and one of the holiest places for worldwide Armenians.  Central to the Holy See is the famous Cathedral of Etchmiadzin, which is considered to be the oldest cathedral in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site, built in the early 4th century over the remnants of an earlier pagan temple.


Etchmiadzin Tanz

Etchmiadzin Tanz: “Die Sonne versteckt sich in den Falten des Rocks"

By Shakeh Major-Tchilingirian


Choretaki , Jun 28, 2021


Mit dem Wort und dem Namen “Etchmiadzin” (dt. Transkription Etschmiadsin) verbinden die Armenier sowohl nationale als auch religiöse Bezüge. The Holy See of Etchmiadzin ist das kirchliche Zentrum der Armenisch Apostolischen Kirche, vergleichbar dem Vatikan, und einer der heiligsten Plätze für Armenier. In nächster Nähe zum Holy See befindet sich die berühmte Kathedrale von Etchmiadzin, die als die älteste Kirche der Welt gilt (UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe), errichtet im frühen 4. Jh. auf den Resten eines heidnischen Tempels.



Barekentan Festivities

Barekentan Festivities: Living “the good life” 

By Shakeh Major Tchilingirian

Grapevine, Summer 2021 (pp. 2-3). 


In folk culture, Armenians considered Boon Barekentan «տրաքելու օր», “the day to explode” eating, drinking, dancing and partying hard. It is on Sunday, the day before the start of Great Lent, the beginning of forty days of fasting for self-reflection and spiritual purification.