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Shakeh Major Tchilingirian is an acclaimed solo dance artist, choreographer and performing artist (and a practicing Orthoptist) based in London. Her unique presentation and interpretation highlight the power and spirituality of Armenian dances. Shakeh turns her dances into intricate 'narratives' of the human spirit as in her productions of "Spirit and Passion", "1001 Journeys" and numerous other collaborations.


Film-maker Atom Egoyan has described Shakeh's dance as "mesmerising... going back to the roots". Her dance is the focus of an award winning art-documentary film "Verve" by Nigol Bezjian.


In recognition of her distinctive artistic approach, Shakeh has been invited to give dance workshops in Europe, the US and the Middle East. She regularly conducts workshops in many cities in Europe.  G. MacGregor, a participant in one of her workshops, wrote: "Shakeh's devotion into the performance of Armenian dances in her dazzling costumes is as near as anything I have ever seen to an 'appearance' from ancient pictures in fairy tale children's books."


Shakeh played the role of the bride in the London premiere of Anoush opera, staged by the London Armenian Opera (LAO) in June and October 2012 and performed the lead role in "Nerdurs" at Kino Moskova in Yerevan (November 2012), a contemporary dance production about Motherland and dispersion choreographed by Teni Matian. Shakeh performed in and was the choreographer of LAO's production of "Garineh" operetta (2014), performed in theLondon premiere of "Davit Bek" opera (2015) and was choreographer and dancer in "Sayat Nova" opera (2017). Shakeh's first appearance was at the age of 10 in Puccini's "Turandot" opera at the Rudaki Hall in Tehran. 


She was the Creative Artist of Jason Kouchak's "Love of the Heart. Mediaeval Armenian Poetry" (April 2014) and Artistic Director of AGBU London's "Living Memory" (June 2015). She was a performing artist in "Remembering Komitas" at University of Oxford (March 2015) and in "Salon Mashup" (January 2013) at Shoreditch Town Hall, collaborating both with Teni Matian and Karen Babayan's "Packing"


As part of her ongoing efforts to keep Armenian folk dance culture alive, Shakeh leads "the masses" in the tradition of circle dance at public ceremonies, feasts and celebrations, such as the specially conceived "Circle of Life" dance ceremonies in commemoration of human atrocities committed around the world, the Armenian Street Festival in London, the Hambartsum celebrations on the Feast of Ascension, and otrhers. 


Since 2010 Shakeh has been introducing children and young people to ethnic folk dance through innovative methods and programs, such as as her popular AREV Children’s Club. In recent years she has been using folk dance to stimulate and exercise with the elderly.


She is co-producer (with Laura Shannon) of "Gorani", a CD and booklet of Armenian folk dance, and has authored a number of articles on the subject.





Shakeh Major Tchilingirianist eine anerkannte Solotänzerin und Choreographin in London. Ihre Interpretation unterstreicht die Kraft und Spiritualität der armenischen Tänze. Sie verwandelt ihre Tänze in komplexe Erzählungen des menschlichen Geistes, wie z.B. in ihren Produktionen "Spirit and Passion" und "1001 Journeys". Ihre Tanzseminare, die sie in vielen europäischen Städten leitet, sind von ihrem speziellen künstlerischen Ansatz geprägt. Auftritte in Theatern und Opernhäusern in London und Eriwan, Koproduzentin der CD "Gorani" zusammen mit Laura Shannon, Autorin von Artikeln über armenischen Tanz.