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Armenian folk dance main feature at international festival in Scotland

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Hayern Aysor, 27 July 2018.  Massis Post  

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Armenian folk dance was the main theme of the international Findhorn Festival of Sacred Music, Song and Dance, held 14-20 July 2018, at the Findhorn Park in Scotland. The Festival, now in its 27thth year, celebrates the transformative and healing power of circle dance and brings hundreds of people together every July to dance in Scotland.


Shakeh Major Tchilingirian, an acclaimed solo dance artist, choreographer and teacher, was the special guest teacher at the festival, where she conducted daily workshops for nearly 100 participants, accompanied with presentations on Armenian history, culture and folk dances.



“Circle of Life” in Acton

CAIA ShakehTchilingirian_2018_circle 

Armenian Voice, Spring 2018, No. 71 (p. 10)

A “Circle of Life” dance ritual led by Shakeh Major Tchilingirian was held at the conclusion of an Ecumenical Service at St Mary’s Church, Acton, on 23rd April 2018 to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide and Christians being persecuted in the Middle East. This special circle dance was in solidarity and unity with the wider community, which took place in the public square in front of the church.

Connecting Armenia and Persia

Ba hamestan (3 March 2018)




کارگاه غذاهای ارمنی، ایرانی و خاورمیانه ای پروژۀ مشترک مرکز اطلاعات و مشاوره ارمنیان و جامعه ایرانیان در لندن است. غرب لندن منطقه ای است که جمعیت ایرانی و ارمنی بزرگی در آن زندگی می کنند و شمار زیادی از ارمنی ها هم از ایران هستند و همین برگزاری کارگاه را تسهیل کرده است. این کارگاه با حمایت مالی "بنیاد همسایه نزدیک" عملی شده که خود بخشی از "بنیاد کلیسای شهری" در بریتانیاست. ایده اصلی پروژه آن است که اعضای باهمستان ها و ادیان مختلف و اقلیت های قومی برای ایجاد و تقویت رابطه و اعتماد متقابل دور هم جمع شوند، فرهنگ و غذاهای خود را به اشتراک بگذارند و از همدیگر این غذاها را یاد بگیرند و ارتباط اجتماعی داشته باشند.

Near Neighbours Project

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Armenian Voice, Spring 2018, No. 71


On 10th February 2018, the CAIA and the Iranian Association organised an enjoyable communal multi-cultural supper evening at Hayashen attended by 40 people. The supper evening was the culmination of a project supported by The Near Neighbours programme which included organizing three cookery workshops the week before. In addition to the food, the evening included a short Quiz competition related to Valentine’s Day and a dance workshop led by acclaimed solo dance artist and choreographer Mrs Shakeh Major Tchilingirian. The highlights of the project were also filmed for broadcasting by an independent Iranian Satellite TV station based in West London thanks to Mr. Adom Saboonchian.